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xantares faze mouz big
He earned 500$/month. Definitely not enough
Pick a girl who I will try to ask out
- Blonde - Blue eyes - 1.70 - Must be a lesbian
masturbating is not bad if you are not addicted. But if you do it like everyday or even twice a day, and you feel like you spend too much time on it, then it is bad. But masturbating one time at 2/3 d...
female cs
if you were a female, you still would be worse than that female team
Girl Story Time
why do you call her 'he'? It is so confusing to read At some point I though you were the girl and you had a boy you liked
r8 redhead
https://www.instagram.com/p/BneB0iYBk_x/?taken-by=denly_denly whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es been thotting
God is a woman
He is free to create his own religion and see music as his god
My life story.
Dude you got me so sad when you tried to laugh and make jokes to ur dad when you found out. Good luck at the surgery bro i hope you win against cancer
Your Family Origin
Greek, Bulgaria, Turkish and some Crimean also
how long is electronic
2018 astralis era?
1. yeah so what? 2. wrong. Flag of Turkey 3. yeah so what? 4. yeah so what? 5. I told you I havent followed the scene. I asked how good is it compared to fnatic and nip's 6. lel
taco losing his hair
nah you can always buy a nice wig and nobody realizes shit
taco losing his hair
I feel bad for him. He is only 23 and he started going bald like 1-2 years ago already
Turkish people Come here
its ironic that you are posting this on an international site
Rip Space Soldiers
oh right this major is in uk