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Nuke- Astralis Inferno - Astralis Mirage - Ence Dust 2 - Faze/Astralis Train - Ence Cache - ? Overpass - NaVi/Liquid but probably Astralis after faceit major
Astralis vs. SK 2017
ok this is epic😎
Astralis vs. SK 2017
Astralis dominate the pro scene like NIP did back in the opening days of csgo pro games. Astralis are unstoppable. That doesn't mean that SK 2017 were not dominant, they were, just not on the level of...
Ence was a fluke
who can beat astralis
s1mple+electronic+karrigan+flamie+chrisJ/neo (neo for the discipline and experience as well as good play)
IT was deserved win by Astralis and it was their major to lose GGWP Astralis. Liquid and NaVi fans can fuck off because if it was ence luck then liquid and navi would not have choked so hard
need ence or faze :/ faze shoyld do it and so should ence tbh
ir8thisb8 8/8
Bored at work AMA
Im doing a christopher Walken animated skit series called christopher walken auditions for where i will do christopher walken auditioning for different film roles like the joker and so on. Give me ide...
Astralis Hacking
Cry is free for Liquid fans EZ4ENCE EZ4EU CRYISFREE4NA
Which football club do you support?
Which football club do you support?
Borussia Dortmund - 2000
Which football club do you support?
Kovac is not who is shit, its bayern, kovac is a very sound manager but the players aren't fulfilling what he requires out of them. He is a great manager and what is happening at Bayern is not his fau...
Which football club do you support?
0/8 b8
Palestine and Israel
Well the answer isn't shooting them. Say the EU freedom of movement did not exist, if French people tried to cross the border illegally would you shoot them? They were protesting against the fence tha...