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best na team
NA CS LUL BrokeBack
CLG vs NiP
and if they didnt die and if they win pistols and if they didnt choke and if they did their best and if the map is cache and if if
Muslims answer this
u must start looking for a religion if didnt have it bro, believe me there is an afterlife, there is a reason why we are created, we arent evolved monkeys like darwin said bro. If there isnt religion ...
Muslims answer this
u can google all of that shits why they forbid that bro hell no im going to explain why they forbid all that things. Drinking alcohol and gambling is good things ? that is the reason ppl do crimes. i...
Muslims answer this
tell me 1 good thing they forbid ? they are forbidding bad things on ur life, whats ur religion bro ? christian ? even in bible jesus told woman to use that ninja's clothes look at nun at church they'...
Muslims answer this
Well for muslims this world is just a test for a better life, they dont care if they poor or live in misery as long as their religion still exist. Do you think after you die nothings gonna happen ? We...
Liquid vs Adaptation
liquid has no chance
Cloud9 vs SK
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
im from future mouz win this game go all in thanks me later ill be back bois
NiP vs mousesports
what are u talking about Space Soldier got this so ez all in
SK vs Space Soldiers
LDLC , Gatekeeper > SK, so yeah ez for Space Soldier my countrymen all in
FaZe vs Heroic
Dendi is the problem
North vs OpTic
dont think north can win this, usa too stronk all in optic gaming
Im fan of kenny scrub but dont think g2 can win here, All in TyLoo nice odds ez money ez for BnTeT indo pride
mousesports vs fnatic
ez 4 JW & flusha double chin!