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NEW PC - pc experts come
not yet, only next year im going for 12th grade, and in the summer I'm going to take a lifeguard course. But im going to buy the pc at christmas and then can upgrade the pc with the money that i rec...
NEW PC - pc experts come
ye i know about 4 months probably will happen a change, but the money is not mine. my parents dont like to much pc's and to convince them buying it its rly difficult, so more than 1000euros it's impo...
NEW PC - pc experts come
with a 1660 ti and a ryzen 5 2600 you will play pratically anything you want in ultra settings im gonna buy a pc with that specs, in like 4 months the price is gonna be around 900 euros
HLTV IQ test
MiBR picked inferno.
This didn't age well :/
Pizza or Burger?
Pizza so fucking good man
gaules: "MiBR should disband"
and if you see in a way, with zews they can put like 9/10 round per game, againts teams that compared with MiBR are in their shape form. Againts other teams they have close games. Probably with a good...
+1, same for d2
Cold instagram post
But it's almost obvious that his leaving. This is not the first time that he's doing this. The unic way that his not leaving is MiBR winning/reaching final of the major and win Blast LA. If this ins'...
Cold instagram post
In that post, someone talked about leaving the team right before the major and he said that he's just gonna leave when he gets the permission to do it so its probably inevitable that his going to leav...
Cold instagram post
The text just give like a "int" that he's probably gonna leave, talking about the "Men's renovation" troughout the life and the need to do it. Then niko said "#FazeUp" and he replied with the eye's em...
Cologne HYPE
portuguese but feel the same...
its a lower bracket match not a playoff....
MIBR fans delusional
Bro its just a stat, or you didnt realize that? you talked about organization i talked about the core! so both points of view are correct, didnt say you re wrong
MIBR fans delusional
the main core of MiBR (fallen,fer and cold and also TACO) has beaten faze, as SK, in a bo3 in the eleague major in 2017 and also a bo1