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New D2 Self-Boost !
Oh no, its the spastic Bunnyhop guy again. You probably could do this jump with a single strafe, but your hand´s having an seizure and it gives me cancer
I have to add something. The DB is not nationalized, thus not paid by taxes. So your argument is invalid for any given situation anyway.
Because thats how Service works, you have to pay for it. If you want to drive a car, you have to pay for it too. Nothing is for free, so get used to it.
Stop crying and buy a ticket next time :^)
im having rsi repetitive strain injuries ama spread this, could have prevented it.
I r8 your music taste
I always love to tell this story, because its so movie-like The funny thing about this all is, that i didnt realize she was into me until we had our first date, although there were some hints already...
I knew her from school (we werent in the same class though) and I i thought she was hot af (and way outta my league) from the first time i met her. Although we shared the same circle of friends, we ne...
hahaha ty asked him the same question in another thread
KZ is DEAD !
Yup, like i said, unnecessary. I dont think you can time the A-D-Strafing with this kind of Mouse-Movement in manner to gain a better acceleration compared to regular A-D- + Mouse-Movement (watch some...
KZ is DEAD !
Do you have Parkinsons? Because that Mouse-Movement is unnecessary af
back from date AMA
I never thought to write that on HLTV, but that, right there, Mr. RomaLSPetoPizdec was some smart shit.
guess they went cycling together
Keyboard u r using now
Getting the HyperX Alloy FPS with the Red MXs, really looking forward to that Baby :)
Of course there are no set roles/positions as in Football, but you want certain type of players do certain kind of stuff, because they are very good at it (entry-fragging, awping, etc.) I think its mo...