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Best player according his rol.
Fer in 2k18 OMEGALUL
every girl is better than juliano. She looks like an 8 year old boy
The guy on side was so dumb should have waited till they could dubble peak him :/
damn that was sick should have knifed brehze though
Ban 1 team
-Karrigan +???
I think FaZe should get ChrisJ, imo he has really stepped up both on an individual level and as an IGL ever since this current mousesports core was founded. Dunno if he is interested since he is pret...
Max was in front bottas had no reason to be there
Hamilton knocks of vettel gets rewarded with p1, Bottas almost knocks of max gets rewarded with p3 FIA is fucking retarded and mercedes butt kissing. Most rigged sport ever
in what? cooking?
Nanatsu no taizai Boku no hero academia
you cant be overrated if no one rates you in the first place. His fragging is on par with MSL the worst fragger in csgo history. However MSL has some value in IGL'ing aizy is just straight up garbage
Best Team on Each Map
Doesnt mean that they are bad on mirage. They also lost to liquid yesterday because ropz didnt turn up at all. You can have off games but i think that mouz has the most interesting strats to follow on...
Best Team on Each Map
I like fnatic on that map but not sure if they are the best. But if you really want to look into demos you should watch prime SK with fnx/ taco/ fer/ cold and fallen on train since they were so incred...
Best Team on Each Map
Inferno - na'vi Cache - faze Nuke - astralis D2 - too little matches played to really know imo Mirage - mousports Train - Overpass - astralis Not really based on anything other than recent results a...
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