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Top 20 awpers of csgo
In skill yes, but I also considered winnings and Astralis rekted everyone last year and it was a bad year for Br CS...
Top 20 awpers of csgo
I can´t really tell, I know he's good but for my the people build to much hype arround him because of his time in NiP and yes because the FaZe bs... last time I saw them against each other on a Bo3 wa...
Top 20 awpers of csgo
I can't deny that, but this was because I love fox and there are only 3 players that I dont like at all in the game for many reasons: allu is one of them but I know allu won more than fox
Top 20 awpers of csgo
He played 2 semi finals and a quarter final at Majors, plus one more semi or quarter (dont remember) as stand-in for SK... he's top 20 for sure... 11 migth be to high but he's a top AWPer in CSGO and ...
Top 20 awpers of csgo
1.GuardiaN 2.device 3.Fallen 4.kennyS 5.JW 6.s1mple 7.skadoodle 8.oskar 9.ChrisJ 10. Pasha 11. Fox 12. Maikelele 13. Nifty 14. WorldEdit 15. SmithZz 16. Draken 17. Smoya 18. Allu 19.Stewie2k 20.Woxic
Dragons vs Giants
Worst major in history
Agree with everything but the seeding, new rules makes this better, but the rest it's true
EU MAJORS ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
+1 <3
Tempo Storm vs Unique
Tempo Storm vs Unique Very ez indeed
Kinguin vs Tempo Storm
And overpass and mirage and DONT ban inferno
PT-BR >>>>>>> PT-PT
Mas levantaste hoje da cama e bateste com a cabeça ou quê? Os SK vieram a Lisboa e só se viu união e amor num evento magnífico e depois vens aqui tu lançar esta discussão?? Por amor de DEUS... ganha j...
Hardest site to retake
Tempo Storm vs x-kom
Not being toxic: why are u here?!? Why talk bad abiout others when your team isnt here?? Just WHY?