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Im a vp fan and i like it.. the fact that they lose so much now makes the feeling when they win even better
New FRENCH TEAM discussion!!
Yeah, my only problem is smithzz, i rly like him, but dude isnt good enough.. i think he needs to grind hard to at least try to keep up with other players
New FRENCH TEAM discussion!!
I wasnt watching cs back then but wasnt it VP - LGB, and NiP - dig as top 4 Edit: u corrected urself, all okay
New FRENCH TEAM discussion!!
Yeah, kenny is performing, now only shox needs to step up big
New FRENCH TEAM discussion!!
It will be NBK, but Happy can help him with his many years of igling behind him
New FRENCH TEAM discussion!!
Yeah, neL is french right? Bc when there is smth about french scene he is always the first one talking haha
New FRENCH TEAM discussion!!
Hahah i hope you liked it, looking forward to your post mr happy_2_major_niko_0_major
New FRENCH TEAM discussion!!
They can make 2-3 teams as good as north for example.. can be counted as t1 at their peak otherwise, t1.5-t2, And about what u said g2 will prob be the team that will rise.. others dont have a good ...
New FRENCH TEAM discussion!!
Yeah, france has a lot of talent, but as i said french shuffles are with the same players.. shox, nbk,apex,kenny,ex6,smithzz, rpk, happy and someone else from time to time
New FRENCH TEAM discussion!!
I mean just NpK is worth like 2 players NBK+RpK=NpK.. not to mention other legends haha
New FRENCH TEAM discussion!!
I saw it from him, so i said it was him.. i mean its not like that small detail is worth criticizing
New FRENCH TEAM discussion!!
No! Efrog best french team ever!
New FRENCH TEAM discussion!!
DeKay said Vitality.. but TS have been trying out french players so it can be TS as well
price of 1g weed in your city ?
The "weed is not bad for you, but alchohol is" retards are the best ones.. i wonder why the weed is illegal then? U go out in a NORMAL club u drink alchohol ,u dont smoke weed, u have a family meeting...
Girl in a jym
Well then get to know her.. go on 1-2 dates and if u see she has grown enough (mentally, to care for those she loves, to think like an older girl, not to break up after 1 week bc she got bored etc) u ...