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Teams that actually ARE BORING AF
Optic and Nip
Dream team
Device - AWP Simple - Entry Fer - Lurker Stewie - Entry Glaive - IGL What do you think? Or make it better with your opinion.
Dream team
snax - worst transfer in csgo history
-Snax +n0thing please!!!
most inconsistent player in tier1 scene
Maybe Oskar and Niko? Idk, I feel like if Oskar is not hitting his shots most of the time it will affect the whole out come of the game. Same with thing with Niko. It has been proven so many times peo...
Yeah, Fallen has been hitting bricks for the last year or so. Simple maybe sorta kinda awper so that's why i included him. If you would change this line up, which would you pick?
Really thought about -fallen +kennys or add Jugi and Skadoodle somewhere in the lineup. I'll stick with ChrisJ > Oskar. If you alter this, who would be your lineup?
c9 s0m
-s0m +oBo -s0m +yay
Navi Liquid
idk but there will be a mirage and inferno somewhere in there.
imo. device fallen simple guardian chrisj
+Olof and - neo or byali. We all know that Olof and Pasha are best buddies. So why not right?
Best team logos
Mythic Godsent Fnatic IBuyPower Hellraisers Team Secret Fe
I understand on where are you coming from, but it is what it is. Gambit won and thats the bottom line. It sucks to see SK and Astralis duked it out on the quarterfinals but ohh well. Happy that Zeus g...
Gambit vs Immortals
IMO Gambit would win the whole thing. PS This is not a 5 star Match up.
Not really. SK vs. AST Legendary Shitty Teams tho.