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Feel like you want to know how good a woman is? Do you need a woman rated? Are you unsure of whether the woman is worth it? Then you have come to the right place MY FRIEND!!! I will r8 her!!!

Hello I am the first proffesional woman rater.
I rate women in an unbiased way. I am a very busy and strict person that loves his job.

Before we begin though let me establish some rules, terms of conduct and manner of my work.

!!MUST NOT DO!! (If you break any of the following rules) ones you get a warning and if that happens twice you will be unable to use my servises):
1. I do not rate girls (only women over the age of 18).
2. I do not rate transgender.
3. I do not rate any woman of a wierd sexual orientation (lesbian, agender, attack helicopter, etc...)
4. I do not accept spam.
5. Do not send the same image twice.
6. Any abuse of my personal mail and phone is annaceptable.
7. Insulting me in a proffesional manner and slandering my work.
8. Sending photos of old women
9. Do not send porn (active sexual intercourse).
!!Warned Users!!

!!Blocked Users!!

For bussines inquiries:
0882860741 (i take no responsibility for your phone bill)

p.s. btw if the girl is good and at least 16 i might rate ;)
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