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gla1ve lmao
Long story short: Pro players are suppose to report game changing findings in the game. JW said in an interview that they knew about it for like a month or so but saved it. Also you could see pixels o...
gla1ve lmao
cus they are the nr1 team, people always find a reason to hate the best team. For astralis its their calm playstyle.
gla1ve lmao
its the internet, give it one day and everyone will hate another team :) it was the same with SK and when they got help from the crowd cus they were nr1 and like fnatic when they did the boost on over...
still a dane in the final hehe
They are really not in the game
Astralis zzZZzzz
i think they atleast has a more fun playstyle then they had like half a year ago. Now they atleast do some risky plays sometimes.
Astralis BS
The reason i think its boring to watch Astralis is the playstyle they have not that they win everything. But im really glad they are nr1 and not liquid :)
tier 1 team
They would need a main awper so no niko
new upcoming mouse
its basicly a Rival but with smaller buttons on the side?
Favorite skin?
+Battle scared thats what i use :)
Fifflaren is cute
he always have been :)
top 5 crowds?
Dont think DH Malmo deserves a spot Swedish crowds are horrible tbh Sao Paolo is pretty sick when mibr was playing
more like bad week then
y but the way mouz has been playing this minor i tought it would be ezpz still xd
Styko = olof only thing is that olof has more experience so why would they swap him he is doing pretty good on the support stuff and still has same rating as rain / guardian. Neo for Snappi maybe i d...