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Best F O O T B A L L E R in ur country
Make 3 teams
so we don't consider language barriers. team1: gla1ve - IGL s1mple - AWP niko - superstar rifler / second awp xyp9x - support / clutch player stewie2k - entry fragger team2: fallen- IGL/ AWP coldz...
can't wait for that.
High asf AMA
you managed to create a thread with perfect spelling saying u're 'high asf' and then u're not able to write down a word without mistakes in the replies. looks like a kid with too much time on his hand...
niko ACE 1v4
"now i can give you my dick" - pashaBiceps immediatly after this clutch. what a legend
FNS next team?
fns is just a meme at this point,his career is over
device deserved to be #1.
1. make a serious thread 2. argue with people when they say u're retarded 3. notice that the whole community says that u're retarded 4. HAHAHAHA guys it was a bait, gotcha boyz. nice try u're still r...
after two bo1's you say that he's useless. please stop watching CS:GO,you obviously have no clue what the fuck is going on.
PRO players GF
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8yroeHw1l4 3:30
PRO players GF
she was married and he takes care of her&her child. he said in an inteview that he's a stepdad,so yea,she's probably much older than him. i gotta respect that.
Niko top 1 2018
s1mple is the best entry fragger and second best clutch player of the year (stats-wise). Also,based on what the author said about simple having a shit team and niko having worst stats because his team...
Niko top 1 2018
the fact that both s1mple and electronic will be top5 while niko is the only faze player to be top20 means that your opinion is garbage and should not be considered. that 0.09 "small" difference is th...
espiranto wtf !!
Those that break the rules and regulations are trash. But those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash
FaZe Ex6TenZ
faze is shit because they didnt have olof for the most part,and also because they lost their trust in karrigan's ability to lead. niko was the IGL in the last events,and he also had to hard carry them...
FaZe Ex6TenZ
of course i'm making a big deal out of speaking advanced english since FAZE is a fucking international team.what do you want,everyone speaking their native language? i did not count nitr0 or daps beca...