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What is your Job?
Bodily injury claims adjuster 60k USD/year Dont like the job but get to work from home a couple days a week which is nice
C9 and Complexity stealing invites, and I am a C9 fan lol
c9 lineup change
Yeah i thought you were asking could they change the lineup at this point (post Zellsis signing)
c9 lineup change
I believe the roster lock was Jan 1st. They may have special consideration as Golden cannot play due to medical issues but I still think their lock date has passed.
Friendly reminder
Really well said.
Battle royale
2 wins out of 3 games, only played to get the skin.
C9 Karrigan
Depends on the situation with Golden, he could be in a position where he cant compete/travel for a long time. If that is actually the case, Karrigan would be a big upgrade for C9.
Monica or Rachel?
Nintendo Switch
Yes you can, especially Mario Kart, you can detach the joy cons and have someone play with you using just a single joy con. Its pretty convenient if you dont have multiple controllers.
Nintendo Switch
I have a switch and xbox one, the only console i ever play now is the switch. Its great to play in handheld mode when in bed or when the wife is watching tv. I would definitely recommend.
Coldzera = Top1 of all time GOAT
S1mple has already cemented himself as the greatest CS:GO player of all time. Even without a major.
-zeus +karrigan
I actually think it would be a good move, however, I do not think the Navi players speak good enough English to accommodate it. Karrigan would have to learn Russian.
I believe it is still Facebook through the end of 2019 for all English pro league streams.
C9 fix
He has actually surprised me on the AWP, and they can go to a 5 rifle setup and be just as dangerous.