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g703 wireless
It is true that the 3366 is better than the hero in raw responsiveness. It would be pretty tough to distinguish the difference. For me, the lighter weight and battery life are the key aspects vs the o...
g703 wireless
G703 hero is amazing. Its pretty light and comfortable in the hand. The battery lasts a really long time without lights on. I only charge it every week or two when it reaches around 50%. It charges to...
Your specs?
Ryzen 5 2600X 16GB DDR4 3200mhz GTX 980ti 500 GB Samsung 970 Evo NVME M.2 and 500 GB Sandisk sata SSD.
c9 cajunb
Sounds like he is signed as a 5th, C9 has always mentioned in their post if they are a stand in.
i7 9700k vs amd ryzen 7 2700x
9700k will pretty much always outperform the 2700x in games. The 2700x does have the extra 8 threads if you need the additional CPU power for workstation like applications. If you are just gaming the ...
K0nfig and JUGi
Honestly, I like the idea of Konfig. I would rather autimatic continue to awp and not add Jugi. I think the lineup could be really solid if they keep Kio. Letting Kio go will come back to be a huge mi...
Best AUG skin ?
Chameleon or Wings
Favorite CS:GO skin?
Best low cost; AK - Black Laminate M4 - Griffin AWP - Mortis Best high cost; AK - The Empress M4 - Asiimov AWP - Boom or Lightning Strike
I watched SuperBowl - FIRST time ever
Worst super bowl of recent memory.
If they bomb out of this major again I would imagine a change incoming. Its hard to think who they would replace though. Fugly is the obvious name but he is more of a support player. In my opinion it ...
What is your Job?
Bodily injury claims adjuster 60k USD/year Dont like the job but get to work from home a couple days a week which is nice
C9 and Complexity stealing invites, and I am a C9 fan lol
c9 lineup change
Yeah i thought you were asking could they change the lineup at this point (post Zellsis signing)
c9 lineup change
I believe the roster lock was Jan 1st. They may have special consideration as Golden cannot play due to medical issues but I still think their lock date has passed.