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How much does Finland?
4 Pick'em point users come here
Liquid 3-0 Astralis NaVi MIBR NRG decided to commit not living FaZe choking Ence for the meme C9 bc i didnt sleep on them entirely G2 0-3 Thanks for the help gob b
Most forgotten player
1: One does not forget the Edshot Masheen 2: Pimp pulled a SpunJ and became a Caster/Analyst so we can't forget him All the others work tho
Emoji Game
O R Edit: RIP I've got that NA Timing
dick stacy autistic
bored so i'll take the bait. no u
MASSIVEimpact vs Denial
Player Highlight: Collin "wrath" McSweegan Oh you mean the kid that just went 0-16 not too long ago? Thanks for reminding me HLTV.
Vitality vs Valiance
Missing the major because you took 2 seconds too long. RIP Hunter vs NiKo
Before PC: Numerous broken playstation controllers and dents in walls from projectile controller-ing With PC: 2 broken headsets (cheap Logitech ones), broken keyboard stands and dents in desk from ke...
wtf new update
Reverify the game files. I had to do that and it fixed everything
No wonder why Valve don’t communicate
so it is Valve's fault that people are lazy and expect things to be done for them instead of trying to help improve everything. ok then.
FURIA vs LiviD
ok I'll correct my myself: EZ delay for match with OGC
FURIA vs LiviD
EZ Reschedule for match with OGC
Old Guys Club vs Think Outside the Box
First EZ for ogc
LDLC SCREAM ?!?!?!?!?
With the way the French scene is going Scream will probably end up with 3DMAX