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neo to faze 1000% confirmed announcement today
-liquid +movistar Good move if you own astralis and blast series
That's how it seems to work here, some random results in a BO1 and opinions totally shift - shit someone has a bad map and it's 'replace them!'
Liquid matchfixing?
yeah after having played so many matches and days in BLAST...busy schedule
of maybe they would rather MiBR in a BO3 than astralis...and to have Astralis bomb out not making finals
Should Liquid throw?
Astralis 7-0 down wonder how many rounds they get...also wonder how it balances out round differences overall
Should Liquid throw?
Do you think they could value fucking them over and having beat them in a match? Does a lot of damage to their reputation. P.S Have a look at the score rn for the game
Should Liquid throw?
I agree but people tomorrow won't even look at how people won just who did
Should Liquid throw?
I agree, but looking back on the tournament the view will be they beat astralis and won the whole thing. That's if you give people even the credit here that they look! You get the forum flooded with ...
Should Liquid throw?
A)They already beat them, so they can have their principle and win a tournament vs B) they allow them back in and Astralis get their revenge and they're still definitely #2
Should Liquid throw?
If you iBUYPOWER it and make it obvious but missing shots on both pistols gets you a long way - jsut don't try as hard
Should Liquid throw?
No, MiBR won a couple of BO1's and Astralis are Astralis, but today seemingly out of form which is still better than MiBR in BO3 especially if you beat them map 1 and ruin their momentum
Should Liquid throw?
I think so too mens just lose both pistols and...see what happens...