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rank after 2k hours?
Le after 2k now im 2.5k and still le. I was nova 1 after my first 10 games if you arent dmg after at least 2k you shoud change game if you are a competitiv typ of player
Best TV show
Extra meat no tomato and i dear you to forget the sause or i will call merkel to kick your family out
*NEW* True Top 20 Players of ALL-TIME
If you read it again slowly you will realize its quite the oposite my dear karamel underhuman
But if a plane crashed and it only killed his lame ass
Just realized its some monkey music and lost interest
But if a plane crashed and it only killed his lame ass
Some heros dont wear capes... Rip my hero i will always remmember you as the one who spoke out and fought for freedome of speech and telling the words we cant cuz we are afraid of bans <3
Best TV show
Happy tree frends and drawntogether thank me later <3
Imagine that you met yourself 15 years old.
Thoughts on MP5?
I think the dmg is ok but they shoud make it more accurate and a bit faster
MP5 Skins when?
They will add one into dust2 collection and they will add 3-4 in the new operation case in a month or so
MIBR disrespectful
Make Tier 1 FIN Team
Its hard to make a super team even if you take the best 5 fin players in whole history of cs
[18+] Rate Polish Lesbian
Coud have a bit more meat. I dont like bbw's but yeah just a bit for me shes a 9/10
[18+] Rate Polish Lesbian
Best CSGO players of all time
I saw best CS players of all time and got triggered so hard xD
Islamophobia // HELP ME
Ther is much more bs thats not even 1%