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I guess your IQ
I guess your IQ
Questions : 1. How many books have you read so far? 3 or 4 books and a lot of articles on different topics. 2. How old are you? 16 3. Where are you from? Romania 4. How many languages do you speak? ...
+1 really curious
I also started resting my tongue casually, but I don't see my chin getting up when doing that as others from youtube. In order to do that I "flex" my tongue to the top of my mouth to stick it there.
Thanks for the hints, I will definitely adjust it and continue doing it & see if it has any effect.
I know. I am not usually breathing with my mouth, but when I need to read something loudly or sing, I find it really hard to inhale air, harder than when I wasn't mewing.
Not sure, and correct me if I do it wrong but I can't breathe normally after doing it and I find it hard to breathe with my mouth. been doing it for 2 weeks by now.
got a job today
congrats bro.
Best looking LOGO ?
washed up players
Also an IGL can boost the motivation for the team. Can reposition them in order to gain advantage over the enemys positions and peeks. Again, strats are made to be readjusted in every situation. A coa...
washed up players
is not the same as an IGL. A coach can't give you strats and adjust to plays from the enemys mid game.
washed up players
well experience players that are not washed up are hard to get and expensive. Better get some aimers and one or two washed up legends that can teach them to play.
washed up players
put 5 youngsters versus 5 cs legends and you will see why. The game sense that those players have will beat the shit out of the pug aimstars.
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n0rth reb0rn vs Vivency
how to get hltv profile step 1: