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s1mple 1vs9 again
Sorry all S1mple fans but today game was just bait fiesta from s1mple, half of his 80 kills was just saving or trade kills I always knew electronic is their most impactful player, this guy never goes ...
s1mple 1vs9 again
Jerry...But wait he is from Russia tho
What they saw in perfecto? Being another bait for s1mple It doesn't even matter which player they would sign back in the days he will end same as perfecto today = Support and living bait and decoy for...
Boombl4, Perfecto and Flamie are living baits for s1mple Electronic might have plenty of freedom but he is alone while others needs to help s1mple to farm his rating I'm Navi fan but i really hate s1m...
Coldzera >>> s1mple
Yeah i need to agree with you Coldzera baited 1 teamm8 while s1mple baiting 3 of them Tbh i always known electronic is their most impactful and skilled player also he never was toxic towards teammates...
Just sold him, Then sign xsepower, Sdy and FL1T in place of flamie, Perfecto and p1mple and i bet my hand they will be more motivated and more better P.S Today he used Perfecto, flamie and boombl4 as...
When he was their worst player? He always was their second or third best player Almazer was their second best player but now seems like he is second worst
I never was fan of Perfecto he is very good during clutches but how the heck somebody can say/said he is better than FL1T in terms of skillwise? FL1T is probably fourth best CIS player just below Elec...
Electronic :[
S1mple baited too much also he saved too much
Electronic :[
Berlin Online Gaming = BOG BOG means GOD in polish BIG/BOG = GOD
Yeah he is peanut brain and humiliate best team of all time
Boombl4 is ok, Everyone is ok But first to kick is flamie in my opinion
North fix
Valde is overrated nowadays
Synonyms: NaVi
Faze fans are most delusional i think, you guys can't even pass through group stage but act like your team is best in the world
Synonyms: NaVi
Fan of faze talking about majors xdd