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National boycott csgo day.
marx is giggling
rate my shoe collection v2
buy some onitsuka you cultured freak
Rate silver 1 clutch
How many hours you played? You still have slow reflexes, you can improve on that aspect (mainly if you want to be an awper)
dragonwar ele-g10
18+ can i be
it's as real as it gets. be healthy dude, have a nice day
18+ can i be
if i may ask, why arent you using your masters to your advantage for work? you must be in a managerial position by now and earning a lot more
18+ can i be
if this makes you calm, i suggest you read on albert camus' philosophy. its about existentialism and his take on absurdity of life
18+ can i be
not if you put meaning and essence to what you do. if these vegetable sellers and garbage collectors believe they are a crucial part of the society, who are we to judge them?
18+ can i be
based from your replies, i think you lack the quality of being "risky", and you are quick to dismiss any suggestion for some reason. people who are successful in their careers dont do that. why not tr...
18+ can i be
yeah. I would like to quote adam smith here "it is not in the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we can expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest." Essenti...
18+ can i be
i notice we have different cultures hahah. Im 19.5 as well and i still have the support of my parents (tho my univ education is free)
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it works for some people tho
18+ can i be
but it sounds like youre earning already. Save some to finance your education (or your allowance if you have parents to support your education) while youre away from work
18+ can i be
it's like a test that determines where you're good at. our school even conducted seminars and talks to help us determine which career would suit our skills.
18+ can i be
have you taken any career assessment test during high school? that shouldve helped