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Top5 AWPers in your country
I like how good uk scene is so there is casters, interviewers on top5
R5 2600 vs 3600
I5s in 2019? R u dumb? 10iq to go intel nowday. AMD > INTEL in price and also quality
Best CPU?
then why people get better frames with AMD than INTEL
Best CPU?
AMD currently better than intel in everyway basically...
y USA want gun still?
You mean everyday?
EU jealousy
Reading this is something. Not so many people respect their parents and what work their parents have done to their children for better life.
And the past 2-3 events have been going great for ence. That was just 1 event bruh
R6 so great that you came to csgo forums to prove everyone how great r6 is
GTR crybaby
Gtr gaved his whole life for the game. Huge respect for most legendary and iconic cs player
Get_Right cry
Imo its best way to retire on major stages. Than on some bad team. Gtr career was full of ups and downs and he will be remembered as one of best cs players
gtr overhype
Gtr was not only csgo player. He pöayed cs 1.6 and was one of the best in 1.6. On csgo all the way to 2015. Recent years he has not been so great he had his peak. Gtr have won almost everything achiav...
2020 TOP 5
Back in like 2014 or smth, but currently both of them r bad. Also we havent seen french team on finals for long time. Only reason vitality is doing ok cuz zywoo. Literaly hard carrying these bots :D
oBo vs zywoo vs frozen
2020 TOP 5
Vitality never major finals men))) Cry is free
Hate between Finns and Brazilians
brazilians rich? OMEGALUL