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mibr fix
This is actually good because playing for mibr ALEX wouldnt travel at all, since all mibr do is go out in groups and fail to qualify to any important event lately
2-3k hours in CS:GO
Reading this forum, full of 14 yo prodigies, i thought i was expected to be supreme or some shit by now
2-3k hours in CS:GO
Me too, i have 1,4k hours playing only mm from time to time since 2014, i'm pretty bad at the game, being ranked MG1 but i still have fun playing, thats whats matters to me
2-3k hours in CS:GO
if you only play once a month you wont get better, being good requires constant practice
Fix TL
np my man (:
Fix TL
it's actually "irrelevant" as opposed to "unrelevant". That's what he's pointing out.
They beat astralis 16-2 on overpass never forget
Mibr to VaLoRaNt?
Rio Major... What if?!!!!
Mibr reaching a final of ANY tournment omegaLUL
rate my edit so far
exactly i liked everything you did up to the cuts on frags good job
rate my edit so far
very nice intro but there are too many cuts for my taste, i want to actually see the thought process behind a pick, show more movement and plays and not only kills and you're good to go
neo > coldzera
Did you just +1 your own post?
how many gfs you had?
0 iq
I guess ur age
1. Cs Hours - 1200 over 4 years, casual player 2. Cs Rank/Faceit lvl - MG / Never played 3. Favorite movie - Reservoir Dogs 4. Favorite Band - Led Zeppelin 5. Fortnite or PUBG - Neither 6. Favorite ...
create a nerf to astralis
-overpass - nuke + cobblestone + cache ezpz