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G2 vs fnatic
-xizt +a decent igl
Roast your own country
Leftists run this country and took away freedom of speech. All major parties are commies, cant go outside without antifa attacking one for being white male. Not allowed to defend our selves. Country b...
This is what happens when a remoaner is put in charge of brexit negotiations
Polen laugh thread
Well he is correct, most eastern countries send you to prison for criticizing the government and most European countries have laws against free speech such as "hate speech" laws.
Renegades vs Aequus
if renegades concede a round they are shit
coldzera is still GOAT.
This was an awful bait, no one has ever used those bait words to describe simple and device, as they unlike cold do not bait. Baitzera has had some decent moments but most of his frags are baiting is ...
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onscreen (the greatest uk player ever)
Your country's worst decision?
Hate speech laws, giving up on the empire, allow israel to drag us into wars in the middle east, putting a remoaner traitor in charge of brexit negotiations, battle of cable street.
Your country's worst decision?
Hard brexit is what the the uk needs, it wont fuck the uk if it did happen, this is literally project fear that the remainers used to try and make people scared of freedom.
Brazilians wtf did u do
Why are there so many political illiterates calling Bolsonaro a fascist, like seriously do you know what fascism is ffs. He is maybe a civic nationalist at his furthest right... communists are low iq ...
Germany and Islam
islam is not the only thing you need to remove, you are aware of (((who))) let them in aren't you? I give you a clue, the last great leader your country had tried to get rid of them.
Brazil Fascism
how can he be fascist when he is an anti white israeli shill. Sure he is sort of nationalist as he cares about his people but he supports israel so not really right wing. you are probably a communist ...
Lefties you are defeating yourselves
Commies/ feminists dont have facts to back up their abhorrent beliefs so they resort to ad hom name calling, and other none arguments.
Please ban the political threads
communists/ feminists ruin hltv/ cs in general
No white ppl in future ?
White people are already a minority in the world, and the judeo-christian push for open borders will only make things worse, which is why these leftist groups of people seek to let in non whites and f...