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Will Religion end us?
its the only thing that can save the west from the progressive far left
i will guess your IQ
Nbk Vitality 19 male soemwhere between 80 - 90kg 5ft8 have played cs in a month but was bouncing between supreme - dmg atm working part time and saving money top become a pilot
TSM bought BIG roster
atleast it wont be as bad as their league team if they did do it omegalul
feminists come here
feminism is cancer
he is better than any na top laner na are so bad they have to import washed up players like huni omegalul
Top 5 Eras
there are 3 era's, fnatic, nip and astralis the other teams have had no era
the lcs and lec doesnt have relegation this creates a buuble and stops other orgs like mousesports, Big clan etc from having the opportunity to get in to worlds/ msi also shit teams like echo fox and ...
How old is your country?
lol dumb kik e cant argue against my point omegalul pls prove to me that there was no such thing as British Palestine nor the Palestinian front from ww1
How old is your country?
judea isnt israel nt you communist nation was illegally established in 1948 because of (((arthur james balfour))) before that was british palestine unless you gonna claim that it was actually called...
I guess your football team
cba to edit, on the irish thing you could just call it gridiron football as that is the techical name for what is your version of rugby that you call football edit: i misspelled irish
I guess your football team
other than americans everyone knows what football actually is, why dont you swap the nfl with the msl or come up with a new name for your version of rugby that would be easiest. You could also call...
I guess your football team
uk yes
I guess your football team
0/8 america is the only place that calls it soccer and refers to the pussy whimp version of rugby as football
Football logic
at hand balling yes he is better lol