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HellRaisers vs Windigo
ez for nukkye
with those skills and magic looks like it should be pretty fast pace game, but in the video looks like they trying to make it more tactical slow pace game... strange
GODSENT roster
thats actually NiP roster without f0rest
Pros cheating
in that time majority of money for pros was actually tournament prize earnings and bonus from organisations for good placings ( that was good reason to start cheat)
Pros cheating
once i was comfident about flusha cheating, but im not that comfident about that anymore since in those 3-4 years my undestanding about csgo and what is possible to do for pro players with information...
Pros cheating
i believe pro cheaters were in csgo until about 2015-2016 :D now its too much money on the cards. maybe some of the young guys could try to do that but on the other hand its still theyr whole career o...
ScreaM wasted talent???
-Mirage +Mirage
lol new cache is borderlands
in game leading.
actually it looks pretty shitty to me :D csgo should add or change new maps more frequently ...
new csgo update
the update is in Lithuania also, just got p250 xray
Will i hit 180cm?
you will not be 180 at least from my experience. im 181 now and i was 175-177 at 15. but possible is everything
if they done it with dust 2 they will do it with mirage also i think. mirage is the only map which wasnt removed form map pool since its addision in 2013. i hope they bring back cobble also
i dont hate finns or finland at all, i think we just have different understanding what is "better" :D in netherlands its just so easy to travel around europe from where they are, it has better weather...
actually finland is not as good as sweden and its not better than netherlands :D