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need help about exam
Drink some chocolate drink before the test. It helps. Try sleep early the day before and try relax as well. The day of the test, wake up early and stay hydraded.
Cannabis + Tobacco
Ofc its illegal. You can grow at home but you will mostly be booked as trafficker, which makes it illegal. Also you'll need to buy the plant and you'll be financing one way or another. I'm not ignoran...
Cannabis + Tobacco
Its also illegal. OMG YOU FUCKING DUMBASS. It depends on various criterios and most likely you'll be booked as trafficker. Shut up you know nothing about our legislation nd I aint gonna teach you. Go ...
Cannabis + Tobacco
I got rekt? WTF I can imagine how dumb baguettes are (they elected Macron). How hes not finacing it? They gotta buy the weed and well, I don't see it being sold in usual stores. If they're buying ille...
Cannabis + Tobacco
Oh yeah ofc. Because growing marijuana is completely legal as well you fucking cunt.
Cannabis + Tobacco
yes I am watchu gonna do m8? Keep financing trafficking and killings :D
Cannabis + Tobacco
Only gotta say a single word: PROERD
Is your city famous ?
Nah. Here in Arari we just have a watermelon festival and waves in sweetwater. Also Zeca Baleiro, MPB singer was born here.
Brazil come here
First. Your know vice is leftist and 65% of Brazil is conservative. Nonetheless they made a good video but this isn't everything. Now the war will start and police will win. Im lazy to write.
haven't played CSGO in over a year
Do not play csgo /close
rate your neighbour countries
I was thinking abt wrinting all this but you've done this so +1 for it. Nice analysis about SA and its the view other countries should have about them and you were pretty clear and consistent. Nice.
rate your neighbour countries
Venezuela 0/10 Guyana/French Guiana/Suriname 1/10 Colombia 5/10 Bolivia 6/10 Peru 7/10 Paraguay/ Argentina / Urugay 8/10 ATLANTIC OCEAN 10/10
gym in brazil
yeah i fck hate em they all should die
nt no scener