Can you use imgur,please?Otherwise your link is a virus,bcus only 5 ppl trust it. Next time i'll report this
Hey would you look at that another sweden thread!
When is it ever gonna end lmao, and why sweden? You can seriusly find these kinds of links for any country in the world. So why choose sweden all the time? You can atleast choose a country thats actually fucked up and link reliable sources too.
I seriusly don't understand how people fall for this shit troll / propaganda bullshit.
You also think shit like this happens all the time every day. No it fucking doesnt. And you arnt even swedish so dont get me started on those politican stuff about not being able to not stand while peeing cause if you seriusly beliving that you must be dumber than a 1 year old child who has fucking cancer, aids and autism combined.
These threads are so stupid and a waste of time, if you are gonna make a complaint about how sweden is or whatever then make one where people actually fucking care dude, such a waste of time. If you want things to change or for someone to care then dont fucking post a stupid thread on hltv that will be deleted soon enough post these kinds of shit somewhere else where people actually care to do something about it, like nordiska fronten or some other shit like that where threads like these belong. Anyone with actuall power, like trump or putin or who ever would just laugh at this if they would actually see this. Because of how stupid these threads are, can't you see how pathetic you are being by just being on hltv? no offense but c'mon people who actually arnt idiots wouldnt even spend a second on hltv threads. OMFG i cant belive i just wrote all this shit, i guess im just bored, and stupid... Im going to bed now and happy fucking new years you stupid dumb shit.

Cant belive im so stupid to waste my time on here yet again, my sleep is way more important than this shit hahah. omg just end this comment you dumb shit, like can my hands stop typing more words i need to stop this now :_: okay i think i can sto
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