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Make a bold prediction for 2019
Jks will be top 10 hltv 2019 Renegades will be a top 5 team. Renegades good run at major!
Informatics engineering
Exactly. We have -3 00 02 4 7 10 12 here In Denmark. It’s different from country to country
Liberal Utopia!
Over in Denmark being Liberal means you're on the right side.Not stupid leftist
Cricitizing Islam on HLTV
I agree speaking facts about that religion should be allowed. If people openly can shittalk trump then islam shouldn't be untouchable
De gea.
Yes United is lower ranked ATM, but that is by no means an excuse. United indivudual players are as good as many other top teams
Not even the best United player LMAO
hahah what a joke. He is so fucking overrated. You only rate him that high because of his price tag and the stupid hype around him. I can EASILY name 10 better players than him. Kante, Hazard, salah, ...
I rate your pornstars(18+)
Rebecca more Lisa ann Asa Akira Brandi love Julianna vega Gianna michaels XEVBELLRINGER Adriana Chechik
Breaking Bad
jesse pinkman Saul
Why Germany Allows Immigrants
yeah he is lMAO
Why Germany Allows Immigrants
Are you fucking stupid?
Country tiers
Yes in this situation I looked at what tier they are for me. So for me, yes Monaco is tier 1 for sure. And every country have homeless people so that argument is invalid
Country tiers
+ Luxemborg - Monaco - Austria - NZ
Why are people so afraid?
You are prob an immigrant yourself. I have so many reasons to dislike immigrants. And no you do no have a higher risk of drowning. Let's say you NEVER swim. Then that's not something to worry about. O...