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Rogue vs Envy
Round over - Winner: T (7 - 3) - Enemy eliminated Pollo + Nifty (assist) killed TENZKI with ak47 jdm64 killed Hiko with awp TENZKI killed Nifty with aug Pollo + reltuC (assist) killed vice with ak...
eUnited vs Ghost
ghost worst team gg
eUnited vs Ghost
Round over - Winner: T (4 - 0) - Enemy eliminated moose + Relyks (assist) killed JamezIRL with ak47 Relyks planted the bomb (2on1) moose + dapr (assist) killed WARDELL with ak47 moose killed neptun...
Windigo vs ENCE
-13 ez bot allu AHAHAHAHHAHA
Windigo vs ENCE
disband this fucking useless finland trash
LDLC vs Valiance
ez baguette trash
FURIA vs Envy
Round over - Winner: CT (13 - 12) - Enemy eliminated ableJ killed reltuC with aug VINI killed Nifty with famas (headshot) reltuC + jdm64 (flash assist) killed kscerato with ak47 kscerato killed Dro...
FURIA vs Envy
kokoko monkey
FURIA vs Envy
u idiot ???? Nifty open B fucking monkey brazilian trash
FURIA vs Envy
yuurih killed Nifty with awp Round over - Winner: CT (10 - 11) - Target saved yuurih killed jdm64 with aug (headshot) yuurih killed reltuC with aug yuurih killed Pollo with aug (headshot) reltuC ...
Singularity vs Mythic
14- 9 20-22 die bitches
Singularity vs Mythic
Round over - Winner: T (19 - 18) - Enemy eliminated fl0m killed oSee with awp adreN killed ryann with ak47 (headshot) adreN killed hydrex with ak47 fl0m planted the bomb (2on3) adreN killed food w...
Red Reserve vs AGO
322 kurwa again )
x6tence Galaxy vs PACT
ez 322 ty for money sweden trash
Vitality vs Winstrike
Round over - Winner: CT (11 - 12) - Enemy eliminated Boombl4 + wayLander (assist) killed RpK with m4a1 RpK killed n0rb3r7 with ak47 (headshot) RpK + ZywOo (assist) killed wayLander with ak47 (heads...