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Fantasy league
new league, draft after one hour https://www.hltv.org/fantasy/6/league/15675/join?secret=90271297C2CD5057897D3508879581EC
give them 4 months and they'll start benching felps and taco xaxaxaxa
What is FPL?
a miserable little pile of match making ? but enough talk lets rush B ! *dance of illusions starts*
Asstralis easiest major ever ¿
same thing was said back at DHM Marseille lol yet they are not catching up astralis anytime soon
cold will be an IGL but fallen is an out game leader, he'll still do his stuff, counter strating, creating strats, etc etc... cold was a vocal player from before, he called many things before and help...
Truth about SK Gaming
bumping my own thread because i was right
Truth about SK Gaming
it's not a coincidence that 4 out of 5 top teams have a "proper" COACH the last one made one of the worst roster change, role wise
overrated : kennyS some sick mechanics, but nothing more than that, he didnt survive in the actual meta of awp that asks you more than flicks and aim. underrated : dupreeh, hands down one of the best...
OLOF like mens?
he's getting cucked by every man in csgo scene since 1 year and a half, ofc he likes MEN
Eleague Premier Final Prediction
ast will ban cbble faze will ban train ast will pick nuke faze will pick inferno faze will ban cache mirage/overpass leftover since it's a random ast will go 2-0
+dust2 no replacement
mirage isn't like old dust 2, CTs can push and fight for map control, cbble is like dust2, the Ts spawn with instant map control and the most important part of the map is the drop zone and as a CTs yo...
Sk fix
+staff and managers in order to take better decisions when it comes to schedules and training without burning out, all of this free fall for SK is because of those back to back tournaments before PGL ...
Most funny pro player?
steel maaan /thread
PGL Music
lol I'm sorry but its 99% a composed piece for the PGL major, every big event has their own original soundtrack either some mixed pieces or a whole original one.