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FaZe 2017 Changes Explained
I'm a fan of Astralis, but I'm from Poland, so i'm a fan of VP, too, and I know they will show something on this major :)
+1 bro, VP will show a power on this major, they will comeback in this year. They can reach semis or even better score :)
Astralis will win the Major
For me too, as you can see ^^
Astralis will win the Major
That’s true bro, Astralis is definetly gonna win the major.
haha, BIG will end 1-3
ceh9 about 100Thievs
In this team there are former players of Immortals team, wchich has disbanded. Do u know this or not? They were in the MAJOR Final at PGL Kraków 2017. Do u know this? hmm?
ceh9 about 100Thievs
On major there is REALLY LOT OF MONEY TO WIN. They're great team, and i think with their performance they were able to reach semi-finals or maybe even more. So I don't think they decided to miss the m...
NaVi hahahahahahahaha
That's only quals, there are teams that not have too much experience. In the main group stage there will be SK, Astralis,VP - teams that have so much experience, so we'll see how they will play vs th...
Na'Vi will finish top4 at the major
VP will come back stronger on this major, and Astralis with dev1ce, ez
Na'Vi will finish top4 at the major
haha, quarterfinals is max that Na'Vi can do :D Final: Astralis - VP
What's your pick'em ?
hahahah bro, avangar 1-3 xD
#7 top 10 2017?
Kjaerbye <3
Astralis vs mousesports
Astralis vs mousesports
+1, Astralis will win <3