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1shot vs D13
i guess thats why D13 go to eu to play online match to make themselves rich
Top 20 players of 2021: sh1ro (4)
what u mean good stats is sh1ro play as star player and let teammate do entry frag, while Niko have to do most entry frage with himself, sometimes with hunter help. and sh1ro only have 0.02 higher rat...
Top 20 players of 2021: sh1ro (4)
sh1ro only have 0.02 higer rating when he use awp and dont play as entry frager while Niko use rifle and do most of entry on g2.
Savage vs GamerLegion
hahahaha dont try to trade, kill last two without any help.
EC Kyiv vs SAW
thx bro
EC Kyiv vs SAW
i won bet on saw but not the way i thought it would be. skip map3
GamerLegion vs Apeks
get 2.5 odds on GL after they plant the bomb and lose round 23. gg should be 2-0 if the script dont want map3, rip my 1100$ on 2.1 GL map2
GamerLegion vs Apeks
on lan game or some major relate game if team lose like 12-9 on ct side map they lose map 3 on most of time, but this is script match so thing goes the opposite way.
GamerLegion vs Apeks
4v2 and t dont even go into bombsite, just run out and get killed to lose hhhhhhhhhhh nice game
Redragon vs SWS
pinnacle when its 12-1.
Redragon vs SWS
45 odds?
Eternal Fire Academy vs VP.Prodigy
worse than random mm game.
Eternal Fire Academy vs VP.Prodigy
my advice is if these kids just play for fun on match they should go to school
NAVI Junior vs Astralis Talent
gospadarov Topa and pogor3lov get killed beacuse of fix, now they find some more?
Stars Horizon vs Black Dragons
just trade map for higher odds, nothing new.