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actually never thought about that, good idea on your part
Polish / German Death Camps
So he shouldnt be blamed for what his "compatriots" did, yet it is said we have to be ashamed of our ancestors
EnVyUs final fix
didnt get major MVP tho
the 3988 is a completely different series of sensors, dont let the higher number fool you. The best sensor is the 3366 with the 3988 and TrueMove3 just behind it
Xizt benched official
didnt Dennis use the Ikari aswell?
aimmap is actually the worst way to determine the better player
OWL global by 2020
CS: Kill people and defuse or plant the bomb -> easy to understand Overwatch: Kill different characters using different abillities and stand on a cart or point after that -> also fairly easy I dont ...
Fakeflag detector
Boltz looks more like the "My father beat me so I began taking crystal meth" type of guy to me
fer hit me yesterday
wouldnt matter anyway
g403 better or ec2a better?
The G502 feels much smaller than both the EC2 and the G403. You cant even really palm grip it with hands over 17x9
Cheating At A Major
Of course most of them love the game, but it happens in every aspect of competition when a lot of money is involved. If I was in their place I would also do everything possible to earn as much money a...
Cheating At A Major
To get an advantage over the other players. Thats the only explanation why even the small indicators like aimlocks have gotten so much since flusha´s case got popular. If there is something like this ...
Cheating At A Major
Should you believe a bunch of people who only profit from pros maybe cheating or the people who are able to develop and hide these cheats?
Upgrade in CPU wich one???
would have been ok to say if it was 2016, but not now bro
S1mple shaking AF
400 DPI and about 3 In_Game, such high sens. f0rest doesnt shake like that and plays 3,5 lol