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replace rallen?
Zews isn't professional, he is a coach. MSL doesnt bottom frag every single game
replace rallen?
TaZ still has 0 fragging ability. He is too old to play pro CS and should move on
Ask a Dutchman about the Netherlands
You are autistic and stuck in your little alt right bubble praising Wilders and Baudet. Nobody uses those words except for moroccans with a dutch passport. I bet you havent even seen an actual refugee...
w0xic toxic?
0 IQ brain if he thinks nobody pushes a smoke
Ask a Dutchman about the Netherlands
It's the most Dutch thing in the world though
Ask a Dutchman about the Netherlands
Expected from Belgium where you actually get beaten up if you aren't in a white area in Brussel.
Ask a Dutchman about the Netherlands
Never tried Weed Never smoked a cig I drink Beer, Cola, coffee
Ask a Dutchman about the Netherlands
You'll see a lot of walls with hot meat in it, which is the Frikandel, Kaassoufflé, Kroket, etc. It usually costs around 2 euro and then you can open one of the cases and grab the food out of it.
most famous guy in ur nation
Alive: Martin Garrix or Hardwell or something. Dead: van Gogh, Rembrandt
Underrated&Overrated players
Scream is extremely overrated. People still think he is the aimer from 2015 but he can barely get any kills against Tier 2-3
why are you a fan of your team?
I like Mouz because ChrisJ is the only succesful dutch player.
You sound like a 10 year old.
It's technically assault, except they don't have any muscle or weapon
People who support Illegal Immigrants and try to help them by using assault.