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weeb culture in cs go
closed when i saw "majority of cs players is coming from eastern europe".
china did it easily. anyone holding guns are treated as rebellions and sentenced to maximum. so do you want this world?
[18+] Heard parents doing it?
not only heard but also saw. not only saw but also joined. is this what you want?
War with china
china nuke US? once war starts, wives and kids of the leaders and high officials will be caught as hostages instantly. u mean they nuke their own relatives? really? ofc u can nuke our 30 cities and ki...
War with china
we can see what chile will go, but spain is our faithful ally in europe and ofc we cant support catalonians. "US interests first!" ive said it above.
Spain Election
a 3rd election incoming. left coalition lost 10 seats in this election. they could have formed a government in summer, but they didnt. now they have no chance. more elections are inevitable.
Spain Election
israel is on the way to 3rd election so nothing to worry.
Turks in Berlin
germany started to recruit turks in 1960s. germans need them to do lower jobs.
War with china
no. hk is too near and we cant do anything. and, we dont f*cking care about human rights in other countries. in arab spring we supported protests in egypt and syria, but we also pretended not seeing m...
SG 553
I want to play CSGO not AKGO or AWPGO.
Long pussy > short pussy
yeah. and, how can you have a short pussy when your body is long?
Astralis never had an era
yeah, so toxic.
Zowie S1/S2
i dont know. im still using mx518. its my third one now. no im not saying the remaked version.
European Union
noooooooo way. they are yellow because you are sucking talents out of them and dumping goods into.
Astralis never had an era
well in this means ... it sounds.