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R8 Turkish actress
hmm, is it even ok to post some sexual content like this on the instagram? For muslims, I mean.
Cold top3
lol, top 5 - maybe, but not top 3 4sure. dev1ce/s1mple top 1, dupreeh top 2, magisk/Elige top 3
until gambit win 1 more major* => infinite number of times
new phone
Anything except Apple and some Chinese shit is good (Huawei and Xiaomi are OK)
new phone
+1 I don't understand people buying overpriced shit with the only closed and isolated OS in the world
Ruski come
Nice one
Russian english
Good education =\= good level of English. I've reached the level I have rn by myself. However, I gotta say that you absolutely can get kinda high level at school, higher than intermediate. It all depe...
How pickems are going
Hmm, I feel like it has already happened before... XD
If FaZe go 0-3...
International teams < one-language-speaking teams
[18+] r8 Her
Russian english
It might surprise you, but Polish is a Slavic language too. Slavs always have some troubles with English, because the way we form sentences, the way we use past, present and future tenses in our langu...
Russian english
Blya, sorry, but your English is not better. *learn *so shity *don't even try *understand what to know foreign languages for
Russian english
Most of Russians can't speak any proper English, that's true. But I'm pretty sure electronic can speak English, at least on the intermediate level. The only reason why he answered in Russian is the em...
Russian english
who're* Just helping