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frankie.... and uk girls in general
Poland dont like inferno
Seems like no one really cares :)
Katowice a bit ugly??
Official name of Teutonic Order is: Order of Brothers of the GERMAN House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem
CS:GO Majors trash
Katowice a bit ugly??
Who would think about that when you write something like that: "even shit > warsaw"
Told you this would happen
First of all thats not Polish production but ESL, that is based in Germany ok? Give them chance, thats Main Quali stage and everything was working fine for past 6 hours so
Poland tournament? Never heard of
Katowice a bit ugly??
Actually Warsaw was pretty much the same, but some crazy Austrian painter with funny mustache decided to burned it to the ground :)
Katowice a bit ugly??
Thats actually very uniqe, mix of old german architecture and big plate Russian/Soviet blocks.
Katowice a bit ugly??
I love when bait is sooooo obvious and people still gets on. It looks like that: *cool conversation with a lot of arguments and generaly speaking respectfull speech* *dafuq1337 comes in* #$@#$@#$poor...
Katowice a bit ugly??
I was there last year and Katowitz is kinda stylizing itself as a indrustal city, those old buildings that are shown are "tourist attraction". I think that it have some pros, it is other than rest of...
Katowice a bit ugly??
I guess you have never been to Walbrzych
Katowice a bit ugly??
Because Poznan, Wroclaw and any other major city other than Warsaw wasn't burned to the ground? Warsaw was build as pioner communistic city as far as i know and thats why it might seems dull
CS:GO Pick ‘Em
I meant that you have to watch half of the match +1 round. Just didn't think about overtimes.
When are you “tall?”