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I rate your city
Actually this is a rolling joke in Poland, because people actually lives there. Obviously not in camps but even one PM was from Oświęcim (which is polish name for Auschwitz)
Most awkward moment in school?
I've had a party in my house. One of my friends have puked from the window. Unfortunately i'm living in block of flats on third floor, so puke stayed on windowsill of my neighbors and i had to clean i...
The Office US
Trailer park boys is way better dude
gf problem
Definitely. Relationship does't determine anything and i think it is good to realise if you love that person or not, if you are happy and satysfied. If not it gonna end badly later on anyway so
gf problem
I guess it is so common problem around the globe - guy that has hobbies and girl that usually does nothing special apart Netflix and Chill. It will be hard to find a good one for sure man, just try to...
Pasha mannnn
Latvia's 2nd city
Actually it has to be interesting thing to talk about, being minority in your own country
My mistake about Greece, you are right. European civilization =/= first settlement, it is more about culture that was created by Greeks and Italians
1/5 of the current Greek territory are islands. Still, Italy is definitely not Balkan.
Italy and Greece do not exist in your reality?
I r8 your country
Poland let's go
Countries you would and wouldn’t like to visit
I would like to visit every country on this planet, excluding countries that are literally making their citizens slaves (North Korea for example)
Your salary in EURO
and You also probably spend 15 times more than Indians so
Your salary in EURO
Italians do not play cs so it is obvious fakeflagging whenever anyone has italian flag