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FaZe is officialy done
show me another support player that making 20+ kills? Thats why AdreN is doing pretty good job in team and in some games carrying them
https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Majors Faze can be first international team that will win Major. As all previous teams were speaking the same language
Gambit are the last major champions ;)
fnatic vs Gambit
Just not a day of Gambit overall. Gambit played 5 games vs Navi - Legends QBF - Legends SS - (2 - 3) almost Legends SK - Legends Fnatic - Legends Just a unlucky draw, but Gambit have to blame themsel...
Gambit will comeback...
2 rounds now :D
whats is the name of this song?
Quantum Bellator Fire vs Gambit
wasted spot ez 3 - 0 they said
If west want to see the true meaning of Fair, Society, Being a human etc etc, they must watch over the true islam, not fake ISIS
FaZe vs Cloud9
Ez Gambit
QBF on major
the teams that lost 3 matches: Liquid - NA Renegades - Asia Avangard - CIS Mistfis - NA Envyus - EU Sprout - EU Flash - Asia Flipside - CIS Each region lost by 2 teams, so why EU t4 teams are much b...
Space Soldiers vs mousesports
GJ, Grats!
HLTV Ranking: 20th
Is Islam truly a religion of peace?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6FvFg4p7kI u can start watch from 11:30 talking about the Cordoba city in Spain
Is Islam truly a religion of peace?
why ppl forget what islam bring to all mankind? first, islam bring that women are not worse that a man, while before islam women sold in the markets as a thing. second, the science. Medicine comes fro...
well i said that was and in war. Anyway so nice describtions that was made by western world and in fact it doesnt help ppl that live there. but it seems from newzeland its ok and everything is fine. ...