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rate HOT polish girl
fighting for feminism and yet sell yourself out on instagram. lel
Chemistry or physics?
only for kids
Most likely i'll stay with this team until my contract expires. (He said in same interview that he has "over year" left in his contract)
Do you miss OBAMA ??
+1 He's not doing so bad, but those tweets...
Ben Shapiro
Still better than too much regulation .People are naturally egoistic (even the good ones). So if you put too much power into a government, they will exploit it at one point. Better to leave it at leas...
Ben Shapiro
unlike your founded argument
shat up... you like to lick pussy, so don't complain about a bit stinky stinky colleagues.! :D
Oskar butthurt.
I don't think that the team makes a decision without chrisJ agreeing.
Why STYKO? Here is the answer.
Absolutely true. It's the logical solution. Have a look if it's working better with Styko, maybe he even imrpoved while being on C9. And if not, they still can find someone else.
Leftist crying
Only thing is, things are working out pretty well with Trump. Good economy. Low unemployment. New trade deals. Peace process with NK. Yeah, the climate topic is something sad, but honestly, it takes ...
MM uprank
most of the time someone just doesn't connect - classic faceit
MM uprank
haha... true
MM uprank
Yeah, it takes a lot of time to get good... even with talent. You gotta invest lots of time, spending hours of DMing to really improve on that level. In that regard it's really like a sport. You can ...
MM uprank
kk, but I'd say anybody in div2 is skillwise at least global in MM and probably lvl10 in faceit.
MM uprank
everyone can play in 99damage league