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Virgin above 22
Don't worry. I am sure if you have no brain, you get sex more easily with other people without brain. :D And there are lots of people with not much brain...
Virgin above 22
Which is the best game you've ever played?
GTA series (probably Vice City when it's ablut atmosphere, otherwise SA & 5) and a lot of guys will laugh at me now, but Life is Strange season 1.
Peek advantage
I have to agree. CSGO netcode is great, compared to most other games.
Greta threads!!!
Well, that's fine. What is not fine, is standing in front of the UN and screaming and crying like a baby. And everyone that criticizes that behavior is attacked, because she's only a kid? Wtf? So don'...
Greta threads!!!
#1 It is not about that presenter, it's about the reaction Greta causes among young people. Look at mark 3:14. That's what I meant, when I said, Greta is causing hysteria. #2 You are preaching to the...
Greta threads!!!
#1 time mark: 3:14 #2 yeah fine, then let's put it into public debate... and then what? If climate change was as big of a problem as those protests suggest, we ALL ...
Greta threads!!!
It took Greta to raise awareness and all they do now, is to scream for someone else to change something. Never would they sacrifice their own luxury in favor of the climate (vacations, electronics, on...
Greta threads!!!
fact #1: Greta causes hysteria. Hysteria is never a good guide. fact #2: Most of her followers pollute the environment just as much as everyone else.
Greta threads!!!
how dare you critisize a kid?
Mouz with Styko oskar and sunny > Mouz with karrigan
oskar was demotivated and sunny thought he deserved something better
Mouz with Styko oskar and sunny > Mouz with karrigan
The old team was just not going anywhere. They were decent at their peak, but late they just totally lacked motivation. And their strats were pretty much PUG-strats. Actual mouz > early 2019 mouz
They have implemented this system over years. Buying young talents for (comparably) a lot of money and teach them their incredibly physical pressing system. I actually don't like them, but what they d...
Red Bull Salzburg will win CL this year.
Greta Meme
I actually respected her before that stupid UN-speech.