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juliano deleted pic[18+]
Classic hltv comment.
mouz s1mple?
OK - interesting info. Do you have sources?
mouz s1mple?
I wasn't talking about mouz.
and then move on to the next :D
s1mple selfish ?
Nah... s1mple has improved greatly in that regard. He even plays shitty weapons to let his team play with AKs. It's just that he needs a better team.
Active duty map pool updated!
Of course you can focus on some maps, but being able to play all is priceless, as you are able to eliminate your opponents best map. This applies especially for underdog teams.
Active duty map pool updated!
This is way better anyway. You should expect professional CS players to be able to play all 7 maps.
Fallen racist
brazilans are monkeys... magisk is a tomato... JW is a little piggy ... it's all insults. I'd not take it too personal, but you should treat it the same way at least...
mouz s1mple?
I think both is true. They are not among the richest orgs for sure + they feel no need to change right now as they build their team upon talents rather than superstars and therefore team chemistry is ...
mouz s1mple?
well, all the other tournaments this year it was "not xizt" and still no titles
mouz s1mple?
Just observation. A team that sells NiKo to FaZe and rarely buys stars is rather unlikely to have the financial prospect of a team that contracts guys like coldzera, fallen, fer etc. Not to mention th...
mouz s1mple?
very impossible. mouz cannot afford s1mple if SK can't.
who is SHE ???
big gurl
Astralis will win - best and most stable of remaining teams.
especially after that pistol