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Mixwell was in tier3/4 team before c9 . I dont think he was ready enough to compete on higher level and thats why daps dropped him and went to genG with tim and koosta.
+1. You are not wrong. Hes def on their level. But i feel like if GenG had an actual awper he could switch back to his role as a rifler and be a very good 2nd awper. Lets hope he can do well in GenG
He was a very good rifler back then in c9. Kinda sad to think he has to sacrifice by switching his role to an awper. Dont get me wrong. He is def great with awp but not to the level that can compete a...
lol "nothing special". He played with different teammates after Tarik and Stewie left and you expect him to perform in such a team? sure
think they wont change player as this team isnt playing so badly. I mean they got trashed during blast but they have won road to rio and dreamhack. They also in the 3rd place at the very least behind ...
He can frag unlike any other IGL
Kick Nitr0
Ive been a huge fan of tim since he joined c9 but tbh i dont think he can compete with any top awper. I mean hes very good with the awp but not good enough to be a main awper esp for tier1 team. I lik...
make me miss the 80s,90s, and 00s where good musics no matter which genre were produced. Cant believe this new generation listen to this crap
poor 100T
feel like tonight their gameplay and aims are on point. really glad Daps has improved his aim since blast series
2020 so far
Damn wish you the best for the rest of the year man. These will all pass someday. Mine is also shit right now cause i only have less than 500 euro in my bank and I have 2 months left before i finish m...
ez geng
true. they look inconsistent af. they literally won RtR and then they were just getting rekt during blast and i thought they were done as they lose to c9 2-0 during their first match this tournament
ez geng
lol what happened actually. I am doing my assignments and got no time to watch the match. saw they were down 13-8 and thought they were gonna lose but holy shit. good win btw. lets hope they make it t...
Most overrated players ever
cry more. autimatc stewie2k 1 major. Faze 0. XDDDDD