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danish billionaire
danish billionaire
+1 tanks men 😎😎😎😎😎
Mueller Report is useless
Stop embarrassing yourself dude, the first time you see that name in your replies, you don't respond. He's pulling like a 2/8 bait and you're biting every time.
About Daenerys death
make worst lineup 2019
Axaxaxaxxaxaxa 1 BO1 >! Half a year of shit form
What smartphone do you use and do you like it?
Pocophone F1
[Official] HLTV 1v1 Tournament
Can my pet fish enter?
Your top 3 Favorite Youtubers
Pikasprey yellow False swipe gaming Hat films
School Bathrooms
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Renebots fans come
"constantly getting top3 in every tournament they attend." (Aware this is bait)
The worst in-game-name
True it's the best design-wise. But the pokemon in Sinnoh are the best by far (lucario, gastrodon, garchomp etc) And fuck hoenn's water routes.
The worst in-game-name
Who has the worst(in your opinion) in-game-name(from pros)? Imho it’s flamie, because it’s sounds like a little Minecraft youtuber. 2019-04-03 15:42
do black people deserve reperations?
(I'm black) Nigga what??? 100% employment?? Where?? How?? What economy on the planet do you know that has 100% employment?? That 7% will account for things like maternity leave, long term illness, r...
American healthcare
No deal, no problem
visiting UK soon
Name checks out