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cs go updates
If ur a TF2 player, I'd recomend u watch this video (It's NOT a VALVE OFFICIAL channel (yeah the name of his channel might look like it, but it is not), It's just a guy wh...
And U forgot to add, its on fucking FACEBOOK. Im totally gonna watch the BLAST one..I also want to see the Turkish crowd too.. usually they are pretty insane, or at least they are in pro Sports.
Google Chrome update
It isn't that bad, And I feel it works faster. I dont dislike it at all the update, has a refreshing feeling.
Oh the early days of Fortnite was basically just like PUBG with it's own artstyle as all know, but it ran great, it was real fun to play. Then the whole "Ramp + Walls" thing became the norm, which was...
Im pretty sure CBBLE is returning back very soon.. think after major ends they will re-introduce it back.. for cache that its getting a rework as well, FMPONE himself said around 2019 will be. So.. th...
cod black out?
It's just an optimized PUBG pretty much. U'll know what ur getting into. To me It is just gonna be another of these overhyped games, that once the hype goes away it just dies out.
What languages do you speak
Spanish Catalan And English of course. And can understand some portuguese, italian and french (and speak a bit some of basic words and a bit more of those 3 :D)
I think they changed stuff, but I also read somedays ago that the co-writer of Portal 2 has returned to Valve (after he left 1 year ago). So I dont know.. probably its a PR publicity marketing, or may...
Oh god no pls, NOT Thorin.. hope they hire n0thing or seangares or both.. it be great actually in my opinion.. but, Dont fuck up the CS community more with the drama and shit talk all day (like Thorin...
ELEAGUE worst tournament
These 2 days of waiting time is a bit retarded.. and another thing are the playoffs in an arena? or they playing them on the same place?
Give me good series/movies pls.
Twin Peaks. (is a "special" series about a murder/mystery type) good series until season 2 gets weird, but interesting if it catches u the series. Not many know about twin peaks, but it was a surprise...
Gambit will bomb this major
I think there will be surprises people dont expect (and incoming blaming the format and whining..), but nowadays in CS everyone can win. Gonna be a really interesting major. (and hope Gambit does well...
Any good movies?
Just cuz it's old doesnt mean it will be bad quality :D I tell u too, most of older movies are actually a lot funnier as well, In my opinion at least.
Any good movies?
Why does it have to be 2014+ ? I know one of my favorite comedies of all time, called "The Lady Killers" from 2004. One of the movies that actually made me genuinly laugh.. it has bad ratings on imbd ...
Deagle buff?
xD.. But, anyways a bit off topic it's a reallyhard to update this game.. giving some credit to Valve. U cant just touch things and fuck up the FPS, or the movement.. or the rotations.. or being too T...