i usually make people mad :D:D:D:D::D:D
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Europe t1 countries
Security -> Finland Conscription -> Finland Neutrality -> Finland Censor -> Germany Terrorism -> Sweden
EU Come here
Waiting for that German revolution against Merkels nigga policy. Going to be hell of blitzkrieg to save white race.
Trump supporters dumbest???
how am i mad when i put straight fact about u being stupid. go back to moms basement lowlife.
ww2 best army?
-Germany and Finland ->best, could fight battles when outnumbered by huge amounts -Britain -> Left France and Poland to die and only survived cause of good navy. Trash land forces -USA -> Fought germa...
ww2 best army?
well germans Wehrmacht is still best army trough years. and second comes finland. allies just outnumbered them always
Trump supporters dumbest???
actually braindead?
Trump supporters dumbest???
"this is a good video that shows how low IQ Trump supporters actually have" yet again u show how braindead people can be. after these textes what u wrote i can congratulate u for being actually stupid
Trump supporters dumbest???
"i comment with sources that he is wrong" then why would u post a video with propaganda footage about trump supporter? :D
Trump supporters dumbest???
>name realcommunismhasnotbeentested >tries to argue with trump2020 choose one
Help with girl
go to watch some animals at german border xD
Not going to finnish military
Novorussia and russia
Not going to finnish military
well u have 2 russias as neighbor. get it? XDXDDXDXD
porn kills your drive!
neL vs thorin
neL is literally a moron.