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-Karrigan + ?
Yea, that's completely right. At least they should try to make karrigan IGL again and get a second coach or release Robban, because they need some serious counter staggering as Astralis have in the fa...
-Karrigan + ?
It is true but in this case we are comparing two different orgs, lead by different manager. In this case, g2's manager made a stupid move as he fully believed shoxie that this roster would be much bet...
-Karrigan + ?
You have to be delusional to think that the org are about to get a star player and keep niko IGL rather than getting a proper IGL
-Karrigan +?
he is free agent
Snax new team!
working at a local store so he can eat some snacks
Faze future
it's basically niko being incapable of carrying anymore as long as he is being the IGL. They need to give the IGL to karrigan back or kick and find a leader
R8 my gf
peace in islam
:D Made up religion ( as others ) made for sheeps. Proclaiming hate against other people, nations who are non muslim. Probably the worst religion made up ever
it was vice versa as long as Hobbit was firstly on transfer, then Adren..
is this happens because we are from bulgaria
1 != 1 prove me wrong
1 == 1
144hz problem in CSGO
-refresh 144 launch option
18+ r8 russian grill
18+ r8 russian grill
18+ r8 russian grill not giving enough fuck about her to send imgur...