FrancekennyS is the Greatest AWPer Of All Time

People have always been trying to compare the tier 1 awpers to kennyS.

In 2014 it was him and JW
In 2015 it was kennyS vs Guardian
in 2016 kennyS vs Fallen
in 2017 still kennyS vs Fallen

But for exemple he had years when he wasn't the best, like in 2015 and 2016 when it was Guardian and Fallen but the difference between all these awpers to kennyS is that the French Awper has always been consistent over the years.

#12 best player of 2013
#6 best player of 2014 ( with the highest rating of the year )
#6 best player of 2015
#13 best player of 2016 ( with his team in a huge slump )
#7 best player of 2017


France SmithZz is still good.

SmithZz is bad with the AWP, even him knows that. However, he's still good with rifles ( Yes he was good with rifles back then with VeryGames ).

SmithZz is one of the few players that can keep a good atmosphere in a team. He's a very nice person ingame and outside the game.

Mad fragging in FPL, he will show to all the doubters that he's still good to play in tier 1!
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