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Everything started the 4th of June 2018 when G2 with Ex6TenZ, shox, SmithZz, bodyy and kennyS formed. There were many doubts about this line-up : "Do they have the firepower needed?", "Will Ex6TenZ really make the team better ?", "Will SmithZz play well with rifles and he is going to be good enough after coaching for 1 year and a half?", "Is bodyy gonna play as bad as he is playing now ?", G2 had to prove to everyone that they are good enough to play at the highest level of Counter-Strike.

8th of June and G2 was already playing their first tournament, ECS S5 where the clear favourites were :
- Astralis, who was dominating everyone in the scene with their tactical playstyle which seems invincible and can't be touched
- FaZe Clan, dominating every team except Astralis with their individual performance. Everything depends on their individual performance.

G2 first had to play against NRG, young team with a lot of potential, in a Bo1. G2 chose to play Mirage and that was a huge mistake. They thought that playing that map would be a good idea because they prepared Mirage more than the other maps. But the thing was, even if they prepared Mirage 2 or 3 hours more than the other maps, Mirage has never been a strong map for the French scene and that cost them a 16-4 for NRG. Every player in the G2 team played very bad.
The next day, G2 had to play against Luminosity Gaming in a Bo3, G2 were the favourites for this match-up but it doesn't mean that they should underestimate them, LG has the potential to surprise.
First map, Overpass, G2 showed a good level overall with kennyS playing well as usual. G2 won it 16-9.
Second Map, Cache, with G2 showing a good level once again with bodyy and SmithZz shining. The match-up ends 2-0.
Even if this match-up was pretty easy, G2 knew that the team they faced wasn't really a top team and they shouldn't be "proud" of beating them.

Later that day, G2 had to face FaZe Clan. It was obviously a hard match-up for G2 but considering the time of practice they had ( 4-5 days ) they were playing with their heart with no regrets.
First map Inferno and G2 played better than expected, with kennyS dropping 26 frags first half but still losing 10-5 because of shox and bodyy are losing the B site all the time.
SmithZz and Ex6TenZ were playing bad because they were both playing on A site and had to retake the B site, which is a hard task if you do it every round.
The map ends up 16-9 for FaZe and 32 kills for kennyS.
Second map, Mirage, and Ex6TenZ showed what he is capable of doing. He carried G2 but they still lost in the end because kennyS wasn't playing as good as on Inferno.

G2 finished the event 5-6th but they already looked a bit promising for the future. kennyS played a lot better because of Ex6's playstyle, bodyy played better than with NBK. SmithZz played decent for a guy who hasn't played at LANs for 1 year and a half and Ex6 showed a great level against FaZe. Overall, they played well for a team that practiced for only 4-5 days.

What the fans wanted to see for G2's next event, ESL One Cologne 2018 :
- kennyS playing better
- shox back on form
- Ex6TenZ's playstyle adding to G2 more structure, teamplay, and strats.
- SmithZz playing well
- bodyy playing better too.

3rd of July and here comes ESL One Cologne, one of the most prestigious event of the year.
They start their first match against Na'Vi in Bo1. SmithZz played great, outplaying s1mple, the best player in the world, in every duel. G2 showed some teamplay and structure. They weren't greeding for kills, dying uselessly, etc...
The match ended in favour of G2 16-14

Later, the same day, second match-up against Mousesports in a Bo3. Mouz just replaced their support player STYKO for the beast that is Snax and they just won against Gambit 16-8.

First map D2, G2 showed a good level once again and finished off the map 16-14.
Second map Mirage and G2 loses as usual on Mirage against Mouz but this time the match was closer than with the previous line-ups. 16-10 for Mouz
Third and last map of the match-up, Inferno and kennyS played great as usual throught all the series.
SmithZz and Ex6 played well overall.
bodyy was G2's second best player for this match-up and shox the third best player.

The 5th of July, after beating Na'Vi and Mousesports, G2 had to face Astralis, the best team in the world. The match-up was obviously going to be very hard but G2 played with their heart and tried to show the things they are capable of doing with only 1 month of practice.

First map Dust 2. G2 played as a team and managed to go in overtime against Astralis with a 16-15 lead for G2 but Xyp9x saved the map for Astralis with his 1vs4 clutch. They showed a great level as a team. First map won by Astralis 19-16. There is almost no teams that are even near to win against Astralis but G2 almost did it.
And here comes the second map, Nuke. Astralis demolished G2 because G2 didn't have enough time to train that map. So it was kinda expected that they would get rekt so hard.

With only 1 month of practice, G2 managed to reach the playoffs of ESL One Cologne by beating the top 3 and top 5 teams the same day and make the best team in the world struggle. If you call that lucky, then you're retarded. G2 just played great and they deserved to reach the playoffs, that's all.

The 1/4 began as G2 played against BIG on the Germans' map pick, Cache. kennyS and SmithZz played insanely and managed to go in overtime but G2 still lost the match 19-17.
Second map D2 and the nightmare began for G2. They lost the map 16-1 and played worse than usual. This is probably due to a lack of experience as a team and BIG playing well.
G2 finished the event at the 5-6th place with 16 teams attending the event. But overall, this is still an accomplishment for G2 to go that far with only 1 month of practice. It can only be better with time

The things that were missing at ESL One Cologne :
- shox playing great
- G2's structure and teamplay that still needs to be practiced.

13th of July and DH Valencia began for G2, shox said that this event would be even harder than ESL One Cologne because they didn't have time to practice before coming to Valencia.

They lose their first match-up against LG, which got lucky on the most important rounds.
They won the next day against VP in a Bo3 because the Polish team is in a huge slump.
And they lost the revenge against LG in Bo3 because G2,
especially kennyS, played really bad.

shox was actually playing very well, he was the best rated player in the event.

Even if G2 hasn't achieve anything yet, they are still promising af and it will be a lot better with time. They now have a lot of time to practice for the FACEIT Major.
Be ready to see G2 playing great and win some trophies

More to come...
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