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FURIA haters shutup
100% fluke. They will go back to tier 5 as soon as SG gets nerfed, just like they did when AUG got nerfed
they destroyed faze
Daps Fanboys
bad igl and worst aim in NA. Any team that wants to be top 5-10 should kick him asap. Top 20 is fine I guess, but its like playing 4v5 and its to carry him almost every game
blameF is such a beast. Shows how dumb Niko is for picking cold and paying him 1mil instead of getting blameF so he can stop being a worthless igl vs pro100
how the fk is vp a top 25 team. They are more like top 50 at best
budget henry g & budget machine
I honestly thought its only 1 british guy and an american that doesnt talk much xd Agreed that they are both bad, they add no insight whatsoever and repeat the same stuff. They repeatedly talk abo...
budget henry g & budget machine
this british caster is horrible. The only caster that makes me mute the whole cast
Cloud9 respect thread
i fkng hate daps... hes such a bot. No matter how good of igl he is (overrated imo), his aim is trash and his teams are always in a handicap because of him. Just save a couple of months and kick him a...
xantares come
he has bad gamesense but still a better player than woxic
Karrigan 1 kill again
woxic is such a low impact fragger. He's also much better online than on lan. Just a matter of time till mousesports kick him. Both oskar and chrisj are way better awpers than him. Before turks com...
ZywOo is a baiter
Zywoo literally does everything for Vitality. Entrying with usp and with awp and with smgs even. He basically carried Vitality from nowhere to top 3, having zero ego. s1mple came to a team that was ...
how long until SHOX kick ALEX?
shox apex and nbk the rats of the french scene. Will be so happy for Zywoo when they retire
hes an alright igl but he has by far the worst aim in the pro scene, even worse that zeus. Can't always win a 4v5