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Dr. Oetker pizzas
100 % agree
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
Welcome to post-Brexit UK, where nothing works and all goes to shit. Hello and join us!
I'd say its ok if G2 wins under these circumstances (they were the best team in round robin play and smashed mouz brutally twice). BUt to put this on Mouz like some ppl here do.... thats just pathetic...
mouz choke
You see the creator of this post complain until mouz wins the first map... and suddenly its all quiet and tame. Geez, this community is full of idiots and kids like Griev, who dont seem to have enough...
My life is so good
I can imagine that only nearly passed-out women get into bed with you. I feel sorry for you, mate. It must suck to be ugly.
anybody else having stream-problems? i only get a black screen :/
My life is so good
That would be a VERY small box innit ;) 83k is prolly 8 to 12 months of rent for a home in BH, after that ur out on ur ass (lets think that a dude who plays the lottery does not have millions saved up...
My life is so good
You must absolutely hate culture thats older then 200 years, otherwise your trip through northern europe would have been a one-in-lifetime-thing for you. sad americans .... maybe going back to school ...
I am sure the dude who went and shot up those kids on that Norwegian island a few years back didnt get his gun in Norway.....every country has these problems, some more, some less.
Germans jealous?
Your last chancellor tried selling your country (Austria) to Russians and got filmed while doing so. 'nough said.
North vs BIG
You should try school, mate.
North vs BIG
North vs BIG
ps.: Gambling sucks.
Kodak Black 4 years prison
He had a Number-one-Album in the US - so it might be your fault for not knowing him. Or maybe you just shouldn't have visited this thread, if you're (clearly) not interested and don't have a clue........