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pronax faze
His time in competitive csgo scene is gone, I think. He should become coach, this will be better for him
1. Device 2. S1mple really? You can turn the statistics as you like, even make some silly conclusions that are convenien...
1. Device 2. S1mple
You have 1 pic against my 9 links, only one. And top1 2018 means that player will be the best throughout the year, not for 3 or 6 months of 2018 against top-5 teams. device can get top1 2018, of cours...
Russia's future
The government goes from folk, they are not a Varangians, so we have what we have
Russia's future
1. Device 2. S1mple https://www.hltv.o...
1. Device 2. S1mple
Yeah, devve don't kill his enemies on eco, because he is so polite, not like that barbarian slav s1mple. You looks like angry kiddo with no facts
1. Device 2. S1mple
Higher ratings in 3 categories out of 10? Well, it means a lot, yeah. Also, device have higher rating than simple only since october, and he has a period when his rating was 0.86 (when s1mple has 1.4)...
so, s1mple = Messi?
It's a hard question, actually. I mean, we all know that Astralis is the best team now by far, but i can't say who are really #1 here, all of them are very good players, they plays their roles perfect...
Worst Org Jersey
Looks like cheap 3D shirts from, lul
Worst Org Jersey
NaVi colour combination is good, i really like their black polo with yellow logo, looks cool (but it is not a jersey). But new NaVi form looks boring, and when i saw it, i thought "it's a new GG.Bet t...
Worst Org Jersey
+1, really cool jersey (but i don't like RB logo here)
Worst Org Jersey
New VP jersey with violet-green colours? Freaking bad, old orange-black was much better
Russians in CS:GO
Now i can understand, why some people playing without mic