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This Major is lowkey stacked
Maybe, would be nice because we would see changes in VP.
This Major is lowkey stacked
Cons - QBF, Liquid with zews, SK with felps, North playing like shit, Big being shit, Na'Vi are incosistent, no 100T. Pros - Shox is no longer IGL in G2, FaZe is amazing, Vega are interesting "legend ...
bo1s Legend Stage?
suck ma dick, Thorin
F3 is also from the CIS region tho lol
TACO situation
Sure, there are better players but if you want to replace TACO, you would have to look for someone who speaks portuguese, which immediately rule out people like Xyp or rain.
TACO situation
Perfectly said. TACO is not very good individually. He frags and he can clutch but that is not why SK needs him. SK needs him because he will die when told to, just to get info, he will play the bombs...
Rank Maps 1 to 8
I'm not the only one that has talked about this.
mousesports vs FaZe
Typical FaZe fanboy, laughs at Mouz even though FaZe were expected to crush Mouz but cries about SK fans being cancerous lul
Rank Maps 1 to 8
Nuke sound is shit.
Best team logos?
I know but they SHOULd update it, they are not obligated to stay the same after 20 years.
Best team logos?
Very true. Imo the lion in North is too simplistic but I understand why some might like it. I also remembered that it is probably inspired in the FC Copenhagen logo, which is kind of cool.
Best team logos?
I guess I understand, specially the lion thing. But I like VP and Vega better for logos with animals.
Best team logos?
I don't get why people like North and Fnatic. The first is just a plain looking lion and the second is just ... weird looking.
Best team logos?
Cloud9, Nip, Vega and the Mongolz are my favorite logos.