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Imperial vs Sharks
Imperial just beat the 3 best BR teams (outside of MIBR and LG on LAN) in Bo3s. Is zqKs going to make a comeback in 2019? That would be magical lul
Imperial vs Sharks
Isurus stomps nobody these days lol
Astralis vs MIBR
What are talking about? Everyone is always trolling here in HLTV, there is literally a guy called MIBR_IS_OVERRATED5 that is trying to bait MIBR fans every post lol. Don't get triggered.
gla1ve tweet bug
I might be suspicious BUT GLAIVE IS WAAY TO GOOD THRU SMOKES. Its not even the whole Astralis team, only Glaive. Also, during this last matches Glaive started spraying, hit someone and then stopped mi...
Astralis vs MIBR
North vs Rogue
Real shame from Rogue, they played really well but couldn't close it out.
Luminosity vs Wild
He's been around for some time in the BR scene, most notably playing in Sharks and being a stand in for SK for a online match of Pro League lol. He is pretty good for the BR scene and is only 21 (even...
forZe vs Sharks
Gotta say this seems like a throw and I don't say this lightly.
forZe vs Sharks
seriously wtf is this result tho? pretty weird, that Sharks can hang with these but not Forze???
Grayhound vs TYLOO
Really stretching the meaning of choke...
Luminosity vs Santos
I thought both matches ended in a draw?
MIBR vs Flash
Oh no.... :(
MIBR vs Flash
You are really talking about MIBR getting bullshit invites when VP and C9 still get invited to so many events? lol
MIBR vs Flash
speaking in portuguese reported toddyinho
MIBR vs Flash
Where did you see this????