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Dignitas vs Bravado
But Luminosity will play the Americas Minor. Besides, there is no African Minor so why blame them for going to NA minor?
Heroic vs Space Soldiers
So triggered lel
Heroic vs Space Soldiers
Not at all, I don't remember the last time they lost Cache. EDIT: they have an 100% winrate on Cache.
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
Only 7 rounds on Nuke CT side? Bye bye Mouz.
SK vs OpTic
I saw he had 12 seconds in the HLTV scoreboard when he killed the last guy and then I saw target bombed so I was confused.
SK vs OpTic
SK vs OpTic
I can't watch rn, was fer far away from the bomb and didn't have time?
YeaH! vs eUnited
They were playing online and also they were playing a lot better. Have been playing like shit lately even lost to shit BR teams like C4 or W7M.
FURIA vs Não Tem Como
Pois é mas como a LAN é no Brasil queria ver pelo menos um time BR nos playoffs. E não tou com muito confiança na SK. A NTC é o time que tem a melhor chance.
FURIA vs Não Tem Como
Os jogadores da Furia é muito menino. Depois que eles perderam pros Sharks do nak em LAN, eu tava torcendo pela NTC pq a Furia seria destruída por um Mousesports ou FaZe da vida.
FURIA vs Não Tem Como
He is the captain, the IGL. Doesn't need to be on fnx, kng, felps and chelo's level.
FURIA vs Não Tem Como
Thanks man, didn't know you could watch through HLTV beta
FURIA vs Não Tem Como
Hobbit isn't vanilla, he is just very shy. But AdreN does seem to have a big personality, I can't never forget his gold teeth lol
AdreN and Hobbit. Who can hatee on the Gambit guys really?