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FURIA vs TeamOne
fan of forze is talking lmao https://www.hltv.org/matches/2331809/forze-vs-alternate-attax-esea-mdl-season-30-europe
forZe is new ibuypower
Winstrike vs Heroic
did u saw that they are trying or what ? LUL if they were trying = ez win
Winstrike vs Heroic
yea guys who usually taking 9-10 rounds for CT on mirage took only 1 against braindamaged team with peacemaker coach and everyround heroic is going on plant with advantage 5vs2 or 5vs1 XDDDDDDd enjo...
Winstrike vs Heroic
lul winstrike threw 4 food nothing more
Winstrike vs Heroic
8 rounds for T ez af
Winstrike vs Heroic
5:4 for T on mirage its not just started(even without pistol xDDDD) see u later
Winstrike vs Heroic
mr pro hello???????????
Winstrike vs Heroic
stop overrating lulroic team that's only what i tryed to say
Winstrike vs Heroic
LOL sprout is shit like 6 months and you said " heroic is just dominating and outclassing sprout" dead sprout u mean ??? they got to OT against movistar dmg team from 11-4 T side on nuke they lost nex...
Winstrike vs Heroic
nah 50-50 match but personally for me winstrike is favour they are not washed up at least upd. ez winstrike bcz mirage
Winstrike vs Heroic
stop overrating LULroic its a bot team with 2 young guys who carrying 3 noobs nothing more they even lost 2-0 to BIG XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD BIG in 2k19
Winstrike vs Heroic
have you seen sprout play?? LUL its was game like faceit 10 lvl vs mge premade upd. ez winstrike winstrike CT and T side >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LULroic
Movistar Riders vs Sprout
might be 2-0 i dont think that movibots will tryhard at night for playing shit mdl:)
ez tnc 2-0 wtf is this odds?