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he called ur weenie small dummy
ScreaM free agent
Boring playoffs
you think complexity are more interesting? they wouldn't even have a chance in the quarters
g403 small for me
lmao u think im telling him to get fat? u need to stop generalizing
g403 small for me
holy shit man u really gotta bulk up, 66kg isn't necessarily non-healthy but u'd look a lot better u were at 70-75kg
g403 small for me
bro u gotta eat some more, just from ur forearm I can tell ur skinny af
she didnt even reply :(
lol look at the link bro he's trolling
swag's tweet
Super gay move by eunited, there really should be a rule that prevents any player aquisitions from counting after they qualified, moose and cooper are given free rides and swag and s0m are robbed
Navi forced to play GG.BET?
yep, "Well, initially we had no intent of coming to this tournament. To be honest, Na'Vi said we needed to go and asked us to participate because it was important for the organisation, so we obliged."
no ddk+bardolph for major
ddk and bardolph work for faceit, it's probably because esl and faceit are direct competitors
Neymar Furia <3 <3
I thought it was pretty cool of him to do that, might give the players a boost
FaZe 5th +2
It's not so much that they gained points over teams, it's because of the severe point decay of the other teams in the ranking
gym in brazil
gym in brazil
if you wanna be ignorant, that's fine but make sure you acknowledge the facts.